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What is your favorite book or novel, out of everything that you've ever read?


That’s one of those questions I don’t even try to answer properly because there’s just no good answer, and my opinion would change based on the direction of the wind and the amount of dust on the surface of my eye at any given moment.

Still, there are books I’ll always go back to think about and scream about point blank into the faces of strangers while in line at the bank.

A Confederacy of Dunces, Dune, God Emperor of Dune, 1984, Cat’s Cradle, War of the Worlds. Those are a few. I can devour Lovecraft like chips on the right day. I don’t ever really understand people that don’t enjoy reading and do so as a rule of life. Well, it’s not that I don’t understand it so much as find it disgusting.

I have to read, the same way Pac Man has to keep eating dots or else the madness gets channeled elsewhere and he has to eat his wife or child. he HAS to eat dots because it makes the pain go away. Reading is fundamental, pac mans.